RE: continuity of self [ was META: Sept. 11 and Singularity]

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Tue Sep 17 2002 - 06:57:19 MDT

> Monday, September 16, 2002, 10:01:57 AM, Ben Goertzel wrote:
> CS> I have quite a bit of faith that reasonably intelligent folks can
> CS> be convinced of the possibility of, and their self-interest in,
> CS> abundance, but very little such faith when it comes to those
> CS> parties (people and institutions) accustomed to power.
> BG> Sure.... The people in power in our society are by and large more
> BG> intelligent than average... BUT they have a big status-drive
> BG> self-interest in NOT moving toward a society of wild abundance,
> BG> because in such a society, the power of themselves and their
> BG> offspring will likely be less...
> You missed "but very little" in my statement above.
> --
> Cliff

No, I didn't miss anything. I was agreeing with you, not arguing.

It happens sometimes ;)

-- Ben G

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