Re: continuity of self [ was META: Sept. 11 and Singularity]

From: Aaron McBride (
Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 14:00:40 MDT

This will be my last response on this thread. I feel that it's getting
increasingly unproductive. If anyone wants to talk to me more about it,
try the chat room or directly email me.

At 12:28 PM 9/16/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>I disagree in that I believe that the odds of getting to a Singularity
>that is actually beneficial are partially dependent on preparing the
>people as much as can be done. I do not believe in an solely apocalyptic
>model of how we are saved from ourselves. I don't believe it all will be
>done for us by the Friendly Sysop or equivalent.

I agree that we can swing the odds, especially concerning the quality of
life leading up to the Singularity, but... by definition the Singularity is
an unknown. There is no way that we can be prepared for the
Singularity. ("preparing the people" is different than "being prepared".)

>Evolutionary Psychology is not immutable uber-explanation that cuts all
>efforts and the reasonableness of all efforts to uplift human
>consciousness and institutions apart as utterly worthless. Using it in
>such a way is not helpful.

I'm not trying to cut off all efforts to uplift human consciousness. Let's
just do it rationally, not through some silly outdated memes.

>I don't think that is the only solution. Only solution scenarios are
>dangerous when/if the "only solution" fails to work out.

Point taken. I should have said "It would seem that the best solution by
far is..."

>- samantha

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