Sept. 11 and Singularity

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Date: Thu Sep 12 2002 - 08:33:55 MDT

G'day, all:

I spent a good deal of the day yesterday -- 9/11 --
mulling over the hope that the Singularity will, among
other things, give Humans -- as Trans-Humans? -- the
ability to finally achieve Immortality (in a world where
we've "licked" Cancer, and Political Upheaval, World Hunger,
etc. etc...)

Singularity (according to my amateurish understanding of it)
seems to promise Immortality, though through what Mechanism
nobody at this point is *precisely* certain: If Molecular
Science could produce something like a "Droid" that looks
and feels exactly "human", programmed with *super-human*
intelligence, and then has my complete Person-hood programmed
into it (boy it's tough to find exact words when talking about
Singularity), IS that person, then, ME, brought into the
era of Immortality??

One more thing: If there is a Being whose creative intelligence
spans even the highest benchmarks of Singularity, and whose
physical and spiritual Presense goes far beyond any possible,
Knowable Universes, then it stands to reason that He *may*
have something to say about this dream of Immortality we have...

I personally believe all the people who were tragically killed
on 9/11 ARE immortal; their current state, *right now*, is the
stuff of Religion (or Philosophy) rather than Science.


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