Re: September 11: International Enough Day

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Wed Sep 11 2002 - 17:11:49 MDT

How about Internationa You Don't Distrust Your Government Enough
day? 9/11 was and is horrific. But the questions about what
really happened and how are rarely fully asked, much less
answered. Actually I would prefer turning it to International
Awareness and Global Abundance and Understanding Day myself.



Anand wrote:
> Written by Bhairavan
> *******************************************************
> September 11: Enough Day
> Dubya, acting upon a joint resolution of Congress, has declared
> September 11 to be Patriot Day. According to his proclamation, we're
> supposed to "...observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and
> activities..." and to "...display the flag at half-staff from their
> homes and observe a moment of silence at 8:46 a.m. EDT," this in honor
> of the Americans who died in the terrorist attack.
> You know, personally I think this just stinks to hell. I have a better
> idea, so I'm making a proclamation of my own, which of course is
> completely unendorsed by any US politicians I'm aware of.
> I'm declaring September 11 "International Enough Day." Enough
> flag-waving, enough violence, enough nationalism. Enough already.
> September 11 was not an American tragedy, it was a human tragedy. It was
> a tragedy not just for the people in the US who died, but for every
> innocent person killed as a result of the US reaction to the attacks as
> well. It was a tragedy for the human spirit, regardless of nationality,
> religion, and anything else.
> On September 11, let's say "Enough." No more killing. Let's remember not
> only the victims of the hijacked airplanes in the US, but of the embassy
> bombings in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. Let's remember all the Israelis
> killed by Palestinian bombers and all the Palestinians killed by Israeli
> troops. Let's remember all the innocent people slain by Union Carbide in
> Bhopal, India in 1984. Let's take the day to contemplate the people
> who've been victims of genocidal warfare in Africa, and the ones who've
> starved to death because of political games as well. Let's remember the
> victims of the Holocaust and of the firebombing of Dresden, too. Let's
> not forget those who were slain in the Mai Lai Massacre. Instead of
> waving the flag of one nation and thinking only about our own dead,
> let's make September 11 a day to remember all the people who've died at
> the hands of someone else's political agenda through no fault of their
> own, and let's say enough. We should stand up and disavow this, no
> matter what country we're in, no matter what religion we are, no matter
> our political affiliation or status or race or anything else.
> If we had a moment of silence marking the time of every atrocity ever
> committed in the name of nationalism, religion... every atrocity
> committed in the name of the artificial borders that try to make us
> forget that we're all human, all in this together, all fragile creatures
> whose lives can be snuffed out in an instant through no fault of our
> own... then we would never speak again.
> So we here in America should, I think, observe September 11 as the day
> when the nightmares that humans around the world have been living with
> for decades came lumbering ashore on the East Coast of the US. We should
> see it for what it is; the day the US truly experienced the horror that
> rings like a bell around the globe, from South America to the Middle
> East to Micronesia, the day we joined the human race at a most profound
> and fundamental level.
> There should be no "Patriot Day," no day to further emphasize that
> we're different. Instead, let's say "Enough." Enough of putting the
> interests of any one nation above the interests of the human race.
> Enough dwelling on our small differences. Enough killing each other over
> them. Enough hate, enough fear, enough hunger, enough violence, enough
> bombing, enough enough enough ENOUGH.
> We should each find our own way of expressing this. A moment of
> silence... or perhaps a day of silence. Meditation, art, whatever it is
> that you do... do it. Take the day to celebrate the lives of all of
> us -- wherever we're from and whatever we believe -- who are still here,
> and think on those -- wherever they were, whenever they were and
> whatever they were -- who weren't so lucky. Take the day to remember the
> fragility of human life and all the nightmares wrought by those who
> wanted to impose their will upon the whole of humanity. Commit no act of
> violence, however small. Let go of any hatred and prejudice and thirst
> for revenge and, for one day, see yourself in the other and the other in
> yourself.
> Do whatever you do, and do it to say ENOUGH.

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