anonymous collaborative filtering

From: Mitchell Porter (
Date: Mon Sep 23 2002 - 05:05:06 MDT

>The concept is roughly this: a collaberatively filtered discussion
>where *ideas* trump *people* by somehow having everything anonymous.
>A sort of IRC channel or newsgroup without FROM: identifications. And
>where *concepts* or posts furthering the discussion constructively
>can get "voted up".

Run Slashcode configured so that no one can create an account.
That way, everyone is an Anonymous Coward.

Would moderators strip sigs or identifying handles from messages,
even if users deliberately included them? What about information
that allows you to infer who the poster is (or claims to be)?

There's an ACM article called 'Disinformation theory', from
around 1998, which argues that in an information society,
no-one should expect anonymous communications to remain
anonymous forever; if they are complex enough, it will be
possible to infer the poster's identity.

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