RE: Pre-Singularity human enlightenment

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Fri Sep 20 2002 - 08:19:35 MDT

> > I also think that we need to learn to think in a much more "holistic"
> > or integral manner with much more real care for the maximization of all
> > individual potentials before we get to Singularity. Again, I don't
> > see how just getting to Singularity makes this occuring more likely if
> > the groundwork has not been laid. Sure the Singularity could simply
> > establish this, plus or minus "Transition Guides", but we need as much
> > of this as we can possibly get beforehand if we are to survive to
> > reach Singularity.
> What are you going to do that hasn't been tried in the last 50,000 years?
> Remember, us AIfolk have to deal with the shadow of fifty years of
> failure; everyone wants to know what we're going to do that hasn't been
> tried before. You have to dig yourself out from under the heap of other
> people's failures; show that your thinking is new enough not to belong in
> the trash heap with the things that have been tried before.
> Why is your thinking that new? Why are your plans that original?

One interesting possibility is that

* the increasing reality of abundance, in the wealthier nations of the world
* the increasing plausibility of transformative technologies (SL2
technologies, say)

will make people more receptive to new ways of looking at things.

I don't have so much faith in this myself, but, you never know...

-- Ben

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