Re: This is SL4. This is SL4 on drugs. Any questions?

From: Brian Phillips (
Date: Mon Sep 09 2002 - 02:18:27 MDT

  I would like to recommend dropping the thread.
SL4 is a list about machine intelligence and
while the neuropsychology and sociology
of psychedelia and entheogenic experimentation
is a fascinating subject it's just not an appropiate
topic in a forum where the moderator is both
ignorant and willfully so of the firsthand effects
of the substances. (No offense Eliezar).
  Get a PhD in psychology, a decade of intense
meditation, and a lifetimes experience with entheogens
and perhaps you might be qualified to vouchsafe
a quality opinion. Otherwise it's just so much
memetic backwash.
  Let's drop the subject shall we?

".. He was just a little villian. An
old-fashioned craftsman, making crimes
one-off. The really unforgiveable acts
are committed by calm men in green silk
rooms, who deal death wholesale, by the
shipload, without lust, or anger, or any
redeemable emotion to excuse them but
the cold fear of some pretended future..."
--Lois Bujold--

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