Re: This is SL4. This is SL4 on drugs. Any questions?

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Thu Sep 05 2002 - 02:22:50 MDT


        With all due (considerable) respect, if you haven't been there,
you have no freaking idea what you are talking about. I know it
sounds really really dumb to you. But there is a bit more to
such things than you might imagine. A teensy bit of assumption
that we weren't simply being utterly nuts, based on dealings
with us since, would be nice.


- samantha

> You know, by golly, I used to whack my computer with a sledgehammer
> every morning, and it would sometimes give really creative results for
> word processing and spreadsheet programs. Of course the hard drive
> caught fire and the mouse ran away and you could actually hear the
> monitors screaming just before they exploded; but it's better than
> boring old *normal* operation, isn't it? Besides I once had a friend
> whose mother's uncle's cousin's daughter's roommate's IRS auditor said
> that his computer worked better if he whacked it with a sledgehammer.
> Just trying to provide some perspective on what all this boasting about
> "past experiences I have had burning out my own neurons" sounds like
> from over in this corner of room. If you haven't done it yourself, the
> bizarre tone of defiant pride in others' reports sounds *really really*
> odd, given the subject matter. "Oh, yeah, when I was a kid, I used to
> go down to the nuclear waste facility and snort radioactive cobalt up my
> nose, and I think it was really a valuable experience, though of course
> I wouldn't do it now."

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