Re: Why is Friendliness sacrosanct?

Date: Fri Aug 23 2002 - 13:49:08 MDT

Friendliness isn't sacrosanct necessarily. Its just hard to get funding
for a project where the end product might eliminate the investors. :)

Seriously, Friendly AI isn't about limiting an AI but rather attempting to
ensure that an AI will go about whatever it decides to do or whatever goals
it decides to pursue without indifference towards humans. Besides, unless
we are in the unlikely scenario of inhabiting the universe optimized for
intelligence and information processing any self-modifying AI worth the
title would strike a path towards determining how to create a new universe
whereby it could set initial conditions to create a slightly more optimized
universe for intelligence and information thus setting the stage for that
universe's AI to take it the next step, etc. The existence of humans or
other life forms will likely be irrelevant to this objective.

Also, a word of advice - the powers that be get very "unFriendly" if you do
not spell correctly. You spelled "apotheosis" correctly but "persuit" and
"precident" might place you in the Eliezer dungeon. Beware.

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