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From: Alden Streeter (
Date: Fri Aug 23 2002 - 12:22:29 MDT

First of all, is this group still active? I just joined a few of days ago
and I haven't yet received a single message (perhaps my spam filter is to


I am an sort of an amateur philosopher (I would like to go back to school
and study it formally, if I ever can save up enough money), mostly
interested in far distant future visions of technology, life, society, and
science. By trade, I am a computer programmer - mostly plain old business
apps though, not AI (although I have always been interested in AI, I never
really found a way to get into the field).

In the past couple of years, as I have refined my personal philosophies, I
have tried to seek those with similar thoughts to my own out there. For I
while I was interested in the transhumanist movement, but lately I have
grown to disliked their irrational emphasis on anthropocentrism, utopia,
eudaemonia, and especially their pet political movement of libertarianism.

So I have decided to focus more on the singularity, as it seems to be more
independent of these primitive trappings.

I've just started to read some of the documents on AI on, and
some of the archives for this group as well. I have a few questions and
comments already, but since I haven't thoroughly researched all of the
background material yet, if I am covering old ground just let me know.

Looking forward to the discussion!

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