Re: project COSA + Novamente & Cyc

From: David Hart (
Date: Sat Aug 10 2002 - 03:26:24 MDT

Hi Ben,

Thanks for your reply.

I've skimmed most of the material on and I'm
working on a thorough first-read of the Novamente Article and Q&A.

I'm have some unanswered questions about the relationship between
Novamente and Cyc.

I understand Cyc to be primarily a KB, but with some reasoning abilities
added on. Is this a correct assessment?

It seems that Cyc currently has a very well populated KB, with
rudimentary tools to allow that population to increase at a growing
rate. IIRC, Cyc is reading on its own now, although it still asks
programmers many questions about what it reads, the time to answer
questions being the primary governor on it's self-learning speed. Is
this a correct assessment?

The combination of Cyc's formidable KB with Novamente's strong
reasoning, modelling and goal seeking abilities seems a good match. Is
there any chance of a pairing of the two, or is much duplicated effort

In an unrelated vein, what clustering/grid/process-distribution software
will Novamente use? Have you seen OpenMosix?

Thanks for your time,


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