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Date: Sat Jul 27 2002 - 14:31:10 MDT

--- Dani Eder <> wrote:
>I've had it on my list of things to do when I have
>too much time on my hands (i.e. never) to go through
>the Bible and list all the things God did, then see
>how many of them we now can do. Then take the list
>of things we can't yet do and make it my 'to do' list.

As much as I think that God comparisons are largely unhelpful, as God is
a fictional character and comparing ourselves to any other fictional character
is only obliquely useful as a tool for examining one'self; I think that,
based on my last reading of the bible, (which was almost two years ago,
mind) the only feats of God's that remain out of our purview have to do
with the nature of the universe in God's care.

For example, God raises
the dead prophet Samuel to speak with David. Or more dramatically the making
and unmaking of our world. Most of the other active things he did could
be replicated, if not in the character they were done in the bible. We can
hardly imbue a person with the ability to part an ocean by raising his hands,
even if we can part the sea itself.

But this question brings up a more interesting one(to my point of view,
in any case.) I see religious belief as largely a problem to be overcome
individually, through education, or self questioning. But is there a point
at which God can be discredited publicly en masse? What would it take to
simply prove to everyone that God does not exist?

Obviously replicating
all his feats would be a start, but there is little in the memeset of religion
that says his footsteps cannot be followed. Unfortunately, the memeset of
Christianity in particular has mutated to the point that miracles are no
longer neccesary to prove belief. In fact, a lack of action of any kind
on God's part is explained and encouraged, else I would rip a page out of
his book, and challange all the prophets of gods to a miracle-off. I'll
do it myself, with a cellphone, a yellow pages, and a few hundred bucks.
I can conjure with the best of em.

So, a challenge of action being out,
what about some kind of public inquiry? A panel of elected experts of any
kind, and their final results are televised?

The problem with this issue,
is that so few religious people have beliefs of any substance, and the hypothesis
of God is supremely untestable.

hmm. In my recent vein of going to the
populace for wisdom, I think I'll hang out with a smattering of religious
folks, and see if a testable hypothesis for God can't be worked up, as I
see this question as one that should be resolved.

Now, keep in mind I
have no real antipathy to the concept of God, although if he does exist,
he has quite a few questions to answer for the design flaws we currently
labor under. I simply have yet to come across a way to in any way confirm
his existence, so my search for a testable hypothesis is in this vein. I
have nothing wrong with the experiment going either way. Although, naturally
I doubt it could turn out but to my advantage in this regard. ;-)

So, off I go, if anybody has any ideas for a way to test the God hypothesis,
no matter how far off they may seem, send them too me personally, lets not
pollute SL4 with anything but the final findings of this inquiry

Justin Corwin
"The world is not enough, though it is such a perfect place to start...."

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