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From: Alexander E. Richter (
Date: Sat Jul 27 2002 - 11:50:58 MDT

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>In rereading some of Douglas Hofstadter's articles on Copycat, I was
>struck by a point he makes in the post script of "Analogies and

I am working on a text to multinet converter for automatic
its controlled by a combination of CLIPS, metacat and something like NARS.
Its a iterative process. After reading the text, the knowledge-base and meta-
knowledge are modified and the reading starts again. If this process is near
a local maximum, new text is searched and added. The iterative process starts
again. The most important thing in this system are analogies in multinet
I borrowed some ideas from neural networks but i dont want to use them,
they are so difficult to introspect. Frontend for userinput is alicebot.

The goal is a userfriendly QA-system/searchengine. Because i am coding, i
write no papers. First usable results of this development 2003.
Current convertion rate is only one sentence in 1 minute on a 400 MHz PII
and it takes 60 minutes to get one stable multinet-node (i need 20-100

btw, p2p doesnt really help, the bottlenecks are quantity of memory and speed
of memory. The problems look like the RSA-Challenge problems.

cu Alex

(sorry for such much buzzwords)


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