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Date: Tue Jul 23 2002 - 23:46:55 MDT

Yes, that's right, I'm still aominux.

"One (strictly optional) list custom I'd like to start would be the JOIN
post, where you post whatever information about yourself which you're
willing to share and which we might be interested in." - Eliezer's SL4
information page

Hmm... AND you have to be interested? This won't be easy.
I'll be 17 years old in September. I'm smart, but not blessed smart and not
even wow-gee-whiz-you-sure-are-smart. I'm interested in the Singularity. I
love just listening to the list and I usually just lurk about. If I have
anything I feel is direly important to add, trust me, you'll hear it. You
may wish you hadn't, since I'm usually counterpointed in minutes and I was
usually wrong to begin with.
I live in central indiana, work at a grocery store, and will be a junior in
high school next year. I'm presently a quasispiritual agnostic. I'm crazy
about music. I'm planning to do something with research *underlines
'research' thirty times* psychology or neurology, but we'll just see how
long those hopes will last, eh?

Let's say that, for the purposes of the members of this list, I represent
and speak for my demographic. If any of you ever happen to wonder about
views of someone like me, feel more than free to ask, I'd be glad to try

Let the demi-lurking continue!

*witty signature here*

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