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From: Justin Corwin (
Date: Mon Jul 22 2002 - 17:08:14 MDT

>From: Cliff Stabbert <>

>Sounds like an interesting experiment. You state

Thanks! It was very interesting, from my perspective, as an experimenter,
but I must admit to feeling some envy of my interviewees, as I could hardly
test myself!

>JC> 4. Limited Openness. I will entertain questions on the subject
>JC> matter and basic attributes of the participants, but as several
>JC> participants have requested, the exact logs and their identities
>JC> will remain private. unsurprisingly, several of the participants
>JC> were upset with the results of the experiment.
>Do you mean by this that no "exact" logs whatsoever will be released,
>or just the ones of those who requested it? And what about "inexact"
>or partial logs?

I'm not planning on releasing exact logs of any interviewees, as most of
them felt pretty privately about the whole thing. I might use snippets in
explanation of particular points, or paraphrase conversational patterns.

If somebody really really needs to see a particular log for some unknown
reason, I would try to contact the interviewee for permission before
considering it.
However, too many of the participants requested anonymity for me to leave
clues to their identity out there for frivolous reasons.

However, as I don't really plan to publish this as any kind of case study, I
don't think the particulars of each conversation are as important as the
larger patterns the group illustrates, or seems to, anyway.

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