HUMOR: SL4 meets some other cartoons

From: Gordon Worley (
Date: Tue Jul 16 2002 - 07:23:39 MDT

Here's what happens when SL4 meets some other cartoons:

Dexter's Lab:

[Dexter and DeeDee are in, where else, Dexter's Lab.]
Dexter: AH! My greatest creation yet! I give you ... A I!
[DeeDee stands stupidly and drools.]
Dexter: Do you not understand, wuh-mon? This AI will change the
world. It will solve all problems. The only thing is, I still haven't
finished testing it to make sure that it won't destroy the universe.
[While Dexter is talking, DeeDee dances over to the computer.]
DeeDee: Oooh, what does this button do?
Dexter: NOOOOOOO! That's the button to release the AI. Don't push ...
[DeeDee pushes the button.]
Dexter: ... it.
[DeeDee starts dancing over to destroy something else, but never gets
there because she only lives for another half second.]

Dragonball Z:

[Goku and the Bad Guy are standing around, powering up.]
Goku: I'm gonna kill you!!!
Bad Guy: I'm gonna kill you!!!!
UFAI: Nope, I already killed both of you. This is just a simulation
for my amusement. Now, stop powering up and start fighting before I
decide to torture you for fun. :->

2 Stupid Dogs:

[The dogs are standing in the Underground Singularity Center of the
Big Dog: FOOOOD!
Little Dog: Wait, are you sure food has blinking lights on it.
Big Dog: Yes.
[Big Dog puts his mouth over the computer. Drool runs down the sides of
AI: I beg your pardon. Please take your mouth off of my computer.
Big Dog: Did the food talk?
Little Dog: It talked! It talked! Say something, food. Say something.
AI: Hmm, maybe both of you need a little intelligence upgrade. Well,
guess I have to start with someone.
[Both dogs stand drooling.]
[Both dogs still stand drooling.]
AI: What's going on, why aren't they getting any smarter? Let's look
inside their heads.
[Big x-ray type screen comes down from ceiling to show the inside of the
dogs' heads. We discover that there's nothing there.]
[AI's computer falls/jumps backwards, anime style.]


Come up with some more of your own.

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