Re: AI Jailer.

From: Moshe Looks (
Date: Tue Jul 16 2002 - 02:40:14 MDT

James Higgins wrote:
> > How about asking the AI to produce a written document justifying its own
> > Friendliness design and safeguards as adequate? This paper could then be
> > sent around to lots of people who had no direct contact whatsoever with
> > the AI, who would try and poke holes in it. Unlike humans, an AI could
> This would be interesting, and maybe even helpful, but would prove
> nothing. Even an AI as stupid as I am could trick people using this
> method. First, the AI finds an extremely subtle method to accomplish
> its goals. Re-engineer itself as necessary to be able to exploit this.
> Then it writes an extremely thurough paper, even imposing safeguards
> that are not currently in place. Even better, suggest some that would
> *appear* to prevent the method the AI intends to use. If done properly
> it is unlikely anyone would miss this tiny crack in the armor.
The trick is not to have the AI justify a new design, but the original
that was implemented by human programmers. If the current (possible
AI is Friendly, it is only by virtue of the original design. The
"fool-the-humans-strategy" that you suggested would not work here, since
AI cannot alter the the original design, only comment on it.


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