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From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Mon Jul 15 2002 - 13:03:24 MDT

Hi all,

Here are a few recent textual outpourings that might interest some of you

Remember a while ago I circulated a list of "AGI questions", and Eliezer &
Stephen Reed made some additions?

Well, I finally got around to answering all the questions as regards

I found that it was almost impossible to answer them compactly without
assuming any knowledge of Novamente structures and dynamics on the reader's
part. So this wound up as Chapter 11 in the new revision of the Novamente
book I'm working on. However, I think *large parts* of it should be
comprehensible to the reader who has read the general overview of Novamente
on the site (on the Novamente AI Engine page).

In a different vein, I also just posted a review of Pascal Boyer's recent,
interesting but badly flawed book "Religion Explained."

He tries to use evolutionary psychology to explain religious ritual. It's
interesting, but he makes the error of entirely leaving out the subjective,
experiential aspect of religion. This "review" is partly an excuse for me
to muse about related topics ;>

Finally, readers interested in mathematical or computational biology may be
interested in

which reviews some recent work using parts of Novamente as a datamining
engine to recognize patterns in biological data (gene expression time series
derived from microarrays, to be precise). A more polished version of this
will be published in a comp . biology journal before too long. Please note:
This work is not really on the direct path to AGI, it's just a different use
of some of the tools we've built as part of our attempted AGI. Anyone with
contacts in the pharma/biotech industry, who might know someone interested
in hiring some clever consultants to analyze their data with uniquely
advance software tools, drop me a line ;)

Ben Goertzel

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