SITE: Inca Research Ltd

From: Anand (
Date: Mon Jul 08 2002 - 17:05:24 MDT

Keith Hoyes sent me the URL to Inca Research Ltd, a site on AI and cognitive
science, which includes a draft of his "3D Simulation: The Key to AI" (to
appear in "Real AI: New Approaches to Artificial Intelligence").

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"The proposal is a radical one - that human cognition is significantly
weaker than we presume and AI significantly closer than we dared hope. That
the human mind is largely made up of tricks and sleights of hand that enamor
us with much pride; but our pedestal might not be quite so high or robust as
we imagine. I will pursue the argument that human cognition is based largely
on 3D simulation and as such is particularly vulnerable to co-option by
future advances in animation software."


"A comprehensive analysis of human consciousness and a roadmap to AI has
been presented. The mission is to build on this knowledge in order to create
real AI as soon as possible. The core technologies needed are already
advancing rapidly. But there are a few essential elements, specific to AI,
that do not currently have clear, short term, commercial benefits, and so
are failing to attract the necessary investment. These are the areas where
our research is centered."

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