Re: The dumb SAI and the Semiautomatic Singularity

From: Stephen Reed (
Date: Mon Jul 08 2002 - 07:53:53 MDT

On Mon, 8 Jul 2002, Mike & Donna Deering wrote:

> Would it be possible to change the design slightly to avoid volition,
> ego, self consciousness, while still maintaining the capabilities of
> complex problem solving, self improvement, super intelligence?
> Basically a tool level SAI, super intelligence under the control of
> a human. I can't think of anyone, or any government, I would trust with
> that kind of power. Super intelligence without super power ethics is a
> real problem.

The recently announced Darpa BAA (Broad Agency Announcement) for Cognitive
Information Processing Technology calls for self-aware programs having
cognitive capabilities. If Cycorp submits a proposal and subsequently
receives an award, I believe that we would not comply with your request.

However, I will design (and sell to Cycorp architects) a causal goal
system incorporating friendliness features, which in my opinion directly
address your concern.


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