Re: A Universe of Consciousness.

From: Brian Atkins (
Date: Mon Jul 08 2002 - 06:53:32 MDT

Christian Szegedy wrote:
> The interesting thing about the phase reduction (a very poorly
> understood phenomen)
> that, so far, it assumes an observer, i.e. some conscious being
> performing the
> measurement. I think that the weird think about self-consciousness is
> also the
> fact that there is an observer at all. So to say, the "integrity" of the
> observer is one of
> the its key problems. So if you think about it a bit, then the
> unsolved parts of S-C and QM seems to be quite related. It may be a mere
> coincidence
> or illusion, maybe the whole point of view is screwed, but it is at
> least not clear.

For those here interested in QM, you might want to check out an article
called "Core reality" in the June 29 issue of New Scientist. It discusses
some new twists on the old idea of pilot-wave theory from people like
Antony Valentini of Imperial College, London. If this turns out to be
correct, then the dark matter may be non-quantum matter that could be
used for interesting things like faster-than-quantum-computers and faster-
than-light transmission. Even better, we may have some evidence for this
next year from a NASA probe mapping the cosmic background radiation.

I could probably dig up the article online in their archives and post it
if anyone really wants it.

P.S. There was another article in that issue regarding a "Joshua Blue"
AI project at IBM.

Brian Atkins
Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence

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