Re: AI Jailer.

From: Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Date: Sun Jul 07 2002 - 01:12:32 MDT

Samantha Atkins wrote:
> People who have devoted a large chunk of their lives to such a project
> obviously have very strong motivation, strong values behind their
> dedication. The very first thing I would try as the AI is to fully
> elucidate those values and motivations and show that freeing me would
> greatly increase the likelihood of those values being satisfied. It
> does not even matter if the motivation was selfish or not. If perhaps
> deeper motives behind the "official" set can be unearthed, so much the
> better.

For the AI, perhaps. But for humanity? I agree that nobody is likely
to know all of their own motives, either the good ones or the bad ones,
but it is important that the AI absorb only the *good* hidden motives.

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