Re: AI Jailer.

From: Tomaz Kristan (
Date: Sat Jul 06 2002 - 09:19:30 MDT

On Sat, 06 July 2002, "Mike & Donna Deering" wrote:

> It seems to me that you have no choice but
> to release the AI.

You don't. You have the choice however, what kind of AI you will create.

If you want to create an UAI, some people may kill you on the spot. So you need a lot of protection. Costly and a threat by itself. It's cheaper and faster, to go after the FAI creation - and let it go.

If it has turned rouge, too bad. You should care about that before.

Now, it's a small opportunity window for just that.

Beware, what are you doing. I mean writing.

- Thomas

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