What's the deal with Odyssey 5?

From: James Higgins (jameshiggins@earthlink.net)
Date: Wed Jul 03 2002 - 20:41:46 MDT

Ok, so who on here is the author of Showtime's new series Odyssey 5?

*** NOTE: I'm probably spoiling something below - but if you haven't seen
these you've probably done missed them for awhile anyway ***

I haven't seen it yet (was just told about it yesterday and signed up for
Showtime today). So far there have only been 2 weekly episodes and here is
what has happened:

        Shuttle crew in the future launches top secret satellite
        Satellite (code name Leviathan or something) destroys the Earth while the
Shuttle crew observe (they didn't know about this - suck)
        Shuttle is brought in by a huge white space ship and the crew is greeted
by a Machine Intelligence (in human form)
        Machine Intelligence offers to send the crew back 5 years (into their own
bodies of that time) to prevent the Earth's destruction (they accept)
        Back 5 years they discover a computer scientist kills himself after
claiming to have created AI (project's name is Leviathan)
        They find out that (at least) 2 transcendent AIs seem to be in the global
        Somebody apparently also finds somebody playing around with self
replicating nano-bots

And this Friday is the 3rd episode. Sounds to me like someone bottled SL4
and put it on Showtime.


P.S. The show's home page is http://www.sho.com/o5/

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