Re: Zen and the Singularity

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Wed Jul 03 2002 - 03:02:24 MDT

James Higgins wrote:

> The argument is boring if you assume atheism is correct. However, in
> light of the discussion(s) that have been going on I thought the
> question was interesting. If *our* God was proven to exist then how
> would an AI relate to it (being likely that *our* god would not be *its*
> god).

Huh? The only concept of God I think much of is all inclusive
and everything that exists is in/from God and yet God is not
limited to just that which exist in this universe. In other
words, if such a Being exists then you and I are basically local
autonomous extensions. Therefore there is nothing we can build
or do that is not also an extension. So if such exists then to
the AI it is God also. Local tiny notions of "god", a thing
among other things, hardly seem worth it.

> I lean towards atheism. My personal beliefs relating to a "creator" are
> mostly limited to concepts like we could have been seeded by another
> race or that we could be AIs in a virtual reality. Neither of which can
> be proven or ruled out at this point.

Personally I think God as SAI's ultimate extension as us as
existing in the SAI-God's mind-being is about the most
un-magical view of God there is.

- samantha

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