RE: Albus / NIST / RMA

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sat Jun 29 2002 - 23:34:00 MDT

> I recommend the Albus books, especially the Intelligent Systems text as an
> ambitious attempt to extend a robotics control system into a generally
> intelligent system. Albus and Meystel supply a great deal of background
> material and make me believe that if the rest of the world does nothing,
> then AGI may well come out of NIST.
> -Steve

i agree with this assessment, but it will take them a looong time to get
there. Their work is very strong on perception and action, but they've
barely touched cognition yet! the cool thing is that they have hooked up
goal-oriented behavior, perception and action and *extremely primitive*
cognition in an integrated way.

all their systems are way too intensely "engineered" for my taste, with very
little room for spontaneity, creativity or emergence

nevertheless, I think it's amazingly outstanding work, which is why I
pointed it out to you, and I definitely encourage anyone concerned with AGI
broadly to read about it!

Albus himself is a modest yet ambitious guy who definitely has long-term AGI

-- Ben G

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