RE: Military Friendly AI

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sat Jun 29 2002 - 17:46:29 MDT


> Do you plan any "containment" features as part of your protocol?

As already stated on this list several times, we intend to give Novababy
read but not write access to the Internet, at first, until a lot of study
has been done.

> Again, I ask: do you plan to publish publicly any kind of basic
> description
> of your experimental protocol, and how it works at every step of your
> AI design and testing to lower risks? It doesn't have to be now, but I
> think it should be available at a bare minimum 6 months before you
> expect to have your full code up and running.

Yes, we will publish this publicly. I can't promise it will be 6 months
before the codebase is complete, but it very likely will be, as this is
something I'll work on after the Novamente book work is done, and writing
the Novamente book should take less time than completing the codebase!

> So, since nowadays you are talking about having some kind of
> committee make
> the final decision,

Actually, as I said very many times on this list, what I thought was a good
idea was an *expert advisory board*, intimately involved with the project
when it reaches near-takeoff stage. This does not imply that the advisory
board has final decision making power.

> if they come back to you and say "The .01%
> chance we have
> calculated that your AI will go rogue at some point in the far
> future is too
> much in our opinion. Pull the plug." you will pull the plug?

In that exact case, Brian, it would be a hard decision. A .01% chance of an
AI going rogue at sometime in the far future is pretty damn small.

What I'd really like the experts for is to help arrive at the .01% figure in
the first place, actually...

> Higgins seems to want "hundreds or thousands of relevant experts" to agree
> that it is ok for you to "push the big red button". Are you ok with that?

I am not OK with that, but I believe he backpedaled on that particular

A consensus among a large committee of individualists is not plausibly going
to be achieved on *any* nontrivial issue.

-- Ben

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