RE: Ben vs. Ben

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 18:53:14 MDT

> > Does this indicate that there will be no fail safe system in
> place until
> > after your AGI system has been conscious and running for awhile?
> SIAI is planning to make a small grant to the Novamente project
> which will
> pay them to do this immediately instead of in the indefinite future.

This is true... and many thanks to SIAI for this (very very) small grant
(whose very small size is possible due to the willingness of our Brazilian
implementation team to work for slave labor rates... since they want a
thinking machine as badly as I do...)

However, this initial failsafe mechanism will involve a very crude way of
gauging "intelligence increase" and hence will be of limited utility. The
real work is in measuring intelligence increase in a way flexible enough to
"expect the unexpected", not in simply writing the code to shut things down
then an appropriate "intelligence increase" trigger condition is reached
(which is what we'll be doing shortly with this very small SIAI grant)...

Left on our own, we would have waited to write the "failsafe mechanism"
mechanics code until we had what we considered a good "intelligence increase
measure," which will be sometime in 2003 if things go as planned. Creating
the intelligence increase measure is an order of magnitude more work than
writing the failsafe mechanism code...

 -- ben g

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