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From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 15:39:37 MDT

Of course, human minds occupy only a small corner of "mind space" overall

However, human collectives occupy a larger subspace than individual human

In the worst case, a collective can be vastly stupider than any of the
individual members; in the best case it can be vastly smarter...

ben g

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> Ben Goertzel wrote:
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> >> It genuinely strikes me as very strange that anyone would try to fix
> >> the subjective morality problem by taking 10 nodes with subjective
> >> moralities and letting them work it out using a human political
> >> protocol. If that was all it took...
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> > The idea is not to "fix" the subjective morality problem in any
> > conclusive or absolute way, just to mitigate it
> Sometimes I forget that we have different "intuitions" about
> these things.
> On most subjects related to cognition, I consider all of humanity to be
> located in one tiny corner of state space. This cluster doesn't get much
> larger when you take all groups of humans into account; it's
> still the human
> corner of state space.
> If the human corner of state space has a "subjectivity" value that's too
> high to accept, farting around inside this corner with various
> structures of
> humans really isn't going to help much.
> As I understand, you tend to attach much more significance to
> organizational
> dynamics, and for that matter, individual variation between
> humans, than I
> would - making the range covered a much larger fraction of total
> state space.
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