From: James Higgins (
Date: Wed Jun 26 2002 - 18:04:31 MDT

Is there a FAQ for SL4? I don't think there is presently, but thought I
would ask.

If not it would be darn helpful to have one. It would be very helpful to
have a summary of the topics covered thus far, ideas which have been
suggested, decisions made, answers to meta questions and links to related

I would consider volunteering for such a job but, in all honestly, I think
I'm too opinionated and outspoken to do a decent job of it. Eliezer & Ben
are probably too involved (and busy). Someone with a more moderate
viewpoint and a genuine interest in the Singularity and SL4 would be a
great choice.

Any thoughts or volunteers? Or do I get a boot to the head along with the
answer "we already have one of those"?

James Higgins

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