RE: Seed AI (was: How hard a Singularity?)

From: James Higgins (
Date: Tue Jun 25 2002 - 12:39:15 MDT

At 09:44 AM 6/25/2002 -0600, Ben Goertzel wrote:
>Building a spaceship to fly to the moon was also an extremely hard problem,
>as was arriving at the Standard Model in particle physics, as was
>understanding the genome well enough to do even the simple genetic
>engineering we can now do. The human race has solved some extremely hard
>problems before. Is this one (AGI design/engineering) harder than any of
>those? It's hard to compare, isn't it?

Its is at least very hard to compare. Those other problems saw much, much
more effort and resources put towards them. If similar effort was put
towards SI I think we'd have a much better understanding within just a few
years. But, of course, there is no AI Race with Russia, deaths of people
daily due to genetic problems or anything else like that to motivate AI/SI
research. Yes, I know there are such and, in fact, much better
reasons. However, the populace at large does not see it as such...

James Higgins

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