Announcing AI Foundry

From: Stephen Reed (
Date: Sun Jun 23 2002 - 21:45:27 MDT

As SourceForge does not have the resources nor desire to host an AI open
source projects foundry at this time, a number of AI projects on
SourceForge have launched a developer's portal at AI Depot.

The purpose of the foundry, like other foundries at SourceForge is to
provide a community portal for AI project developers, a news source and set of links
to our respective projects.

It is with pride that I announce that OpenCyc is a founder.

Goals of most hosted AI projects at SourceForge fall far short of the
ambitions of this mail list, but as you know software nowadays facilitates
composition, and it may be that some SourceForge project has a feature
that your AGI project needs.


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