RE: How hard a Singularity?

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sun Jun 23 2002 - 07:36:00 MDT

Once again, the "how hard" question is critical.

If it's 3 weeks from human-level AI to superhuman AI, then there will be
basically no option for government to intervene.

Before human-level AI is achieved, government won't care about the pertinent
AI research; after it's achieved, 3 weeks is too short a period of time for
government to pragmatically do anything about it. (Given the typical slow
pace of governmental reaction to novel situations.)

On the other hand, if it's 3 years from human-level AI to superhuman AI,
then there is time for governmental committees to convene, and potentially
for the gov't to take over the research and attempt to control it in one of
a number of ways.

-- Ben G

> James Higgins wrote:
> > Why the HELL would anyone working on the Singularity obey the law? By
> > the time anyone even realized that they didn't it would be too late.
> > Not to mention the fact that it takes government bodies YEARS to
> > understand moderately complicated technology. Look at the Internet for
> > an example, many government bodies still don't get it; and that
> is based
> > on 20+ year old technology...
> >
> Uh huh. Go tell your local congress critters and law
> enforcement that you and your gang are going to do something
> that will change everything irrevocably and that you will do it
> regardless of what they think or do and that there is no
> conceivable way they can stop you. Click the stopwatch at the
> end of the speech. Let me know how long it took before you were
> put away for a psych evaluation and/or tossed in prison with
> no access to computers if they took you seriously.
> Tell me why law-abiding people that believe in
> self-determination and having a say in their destiny should
> treat someone who says there say is meaningless and they don't
> count would treat you differently.
> - samantha

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