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From: James Higgins (
Date: Sat Jun 22 2002 - 17:50:36 MDT

At 04:28 PM 6/22/2002 -0600, you wrote:
>Mista Higgins wrote:
> > A. I devote all my time to developing the Singularity right
> > away.
> > B. I devote the next 10 years to other projects, with
> > the primary
> > goal of becoming independent and expanding my knowledgeable. A sub-goal
> > (with fairly high priority) is to make lots of money (millions+).
> > Which route do you think would have the most long-term effect?
> > I'm betting
> > on #2, even though I'm not a god and only have a moderate shot of making
> > millions. Even if I don't get rich the added effort right now wouldn't
> > have much effect anyway (IMHO)...
>Of course, your decision is different from mine because we have different
>estimates of the plausibility of creating a human-level AGI in the near term
>(the next 3-5 years, say).

Well, it also differs because you're presently one of the leading AI
researchers! Your ahead of the curve on AI where I'm ahead of it in other
fields (such as peer-to-peer, databasing, and others). Note that I said
that research would have to continue (I was thinking about you) while I was
off getting rich. :)

>However, I urge you to go ahead and pursue the moneymaking route!! Then, if
>in 10 years I've neither gotten rich nor created a human-level AGI, we can
>team up and try a new approach ;->

Dang! 3-5 years? Hmm, guess I should pay attention to this list more (I
wasn't thinking we were that close). I could be rich in 3-5 years if I
could get the dang venture capital (we have the technology). Dam dam dam
dam. I may just have to adjust my plans a bit...

As they say, "Life is what happens while your off making other plans".

James Higgins

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