RE: A Value System

From: Ben Houston (
Date: Tue Jun 18 2002 - 14:17:40 MDT

> Dani Eder [] wrote:
> > It is also my opinion that
> > such a value system could be 'tuned' to be in
> > accord with human values. This would be done
> > by asking humans to make value comparisons, and then
> > adjusting relative values of different types
> > of information (genetic, neuronal, computer-stored)
> > to match the human results.
> Ben Houston [] wrote:
> The addition of an undefined and open ended "tuning" procedure to the
> first measure could easily result in a measure that is completely
> different. I would argue then that any initial measure to which such
> "tuning" procedure was applied could easily be equal to the one you
> proposing.

Actually that is probably too harsh a statement on my part -- sorry
Dani. I guess systems wouldn't be equivalent if only the tuning only
applied to the values of different forms of information rather than
specific instances. I guess I was only thinking about the first part of
that statement that focused on tuning the system "to be in accord with
human values."

Ben Houston

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