Re: Threats to the Singularity.

From: James Rogers (
Date: Mon Jun 17 2002 - 11:39:46 MDT

On Mon, 2002-06-17 at 10:05, Tim Barnard wrote:
> It's a novel, originally published online and now available as a book titled
> "Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse." Basically it's about a group of
> Christian survivalists who live through a stock market crash, an economic
> collapse, and a second civil war.

You have an interesting library, but it is actually a generic acronym
for The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI). The acronym
predates the title of that book, which was actually called something
else in its earlier versions and only adopted the acronym in its title
much later. I very much doubt the reference to TEOTWAWKI was a
reference to this book.

(While I've never read the book, I actually know the author of it, as he
is the friend of one of my long-time friends and I've run into him on a
number of occasions. He is actually a very pleasant, laid-back, and
likable guy who doesn't really meet the profile of the kind of guy you
would think would write a book like that. The book was originally
written for other purposes and later adapted to the right-wing nutter
market as part of the publishing deal.)

-James Rogers


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