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>Mike99: Foucault,
> whose historical researches--upon which he based his analysis of human
> institutions--have been refuted by people who know more about the periods
> and institutions about which he wrote.

Ben: Those debates are ongoing; I do not agree at all that Foucault's
conclusions have been convincingly refuted, except in some minor cases. But
to argue this stuff would be out of place on SL4 I suppose ;>

Mike99: Out of place indeed! So I will respond to you in detail off-list,
Ben ;)
   Let it suffice to say for now that, regardless of the aesthetic or
philosophical value you may place on existentialist and post-modernist
writings, I presume that in your work-a-day life as project leader in charge
of building a god-like artificial superintelligence, you of necessity must
assume, at least for heuristic purposes, that a material, logically
consistent, objective reality exists. At least, that would seem prudent to
me! If I'm wrong and you do presume a relativist, subjectivist, variable
"reality" (Don't the po-mo's always put that term in problematic quotation
marks?) then please tell us more about that.

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