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> The NEW YORK TIMES article you cite is about the computer systems of the
> FBI, not the military.

You are right, sorry I wasn't clearer.

However, the context of the article was the current so-called "War on
Terrorism." This "war" relies heavily on FBI data. I'm sure the "Cold
War" did too. And I'm sure the military proper does not have a more
effectively indexed replicate of the FBI's database regarding activities
inside this country. The line between military and FBI-intelligence is
pretty thin given the current type of "warfare" people are focusing on...

Do you think the CIA has a significantly superior IT infrastructure to the

I am aware that there are isolated advanced-computer-tech projects within
the intelligence and military communities.

But some of my friends who have worked directly with the Navy and Army on
database issues, were quite surprised at the lack of basic DB knowledge
among the people charged with these projects there.

There are big institutional problems. People in the national labs, and
internally in these gov't agencies, and in companies or universities
receiving military funding, have produced plenty of prototypes of better IT
systems, but they don't get implemented, because typical gov't inefficiency
makes the overhead in doing anything of significance, incredibly costly.
Yet for obvious reasons the gov't doesn't want to outsource this work (which
involves so much sensitive data) to more efficient organizations...

ben g

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