Action Plans For Cyc (Was: software progress)

From: Michael Roy Ames (
Date: Sat Jun 01 2002 - 22:04:06 MDT


You wrote:

> My idea for Cyc, which I will soon circulate among
> my Cycorp co-workers and OpenCyc collaborators, is to represent large
> grained functional activities as Actions in the KB according to the
> requirements of our Planner. So each action has preconditions and
> effects, and methods for accomplishing useful tasks are decomposed in a
> hierarchy of sub-methods that bottom out at operations having direct code
> support. Then an interpreter can use the sequence of actions generated
> from the planner (or a precomputed action sequence template retrieved
> from a case library), to provided the desired behavior. So the
> software science advance would be the use of KB modifications alone to
> produce changes in Cyc's behavior, rather than further enlarge the 1.5M
> lines of generated C code.

This sounds very interesting. Could you give SL4 a taste/example of the
type of 'Action Plans' one could submit to Cyc? If your 'idea for Cyc' were
implemented, what could a human, or a calling program, ask Cyc to do for
ver? What kind of input would Cyc need specify a plan? (some sort of
script I presume?) What kind of output could one expect from the plan's

Michael Roy Ames

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