Darpa Command Post Of the Future (CPOF)

From: Stephen Reed (reed@cyc.com)
Date: Wed May 22 2002 - 11:09:33 MDT

On Wed, 22 May 2002, Ben Houston wrote:

> Hey Stephen,
> It's neat that someone from Cycorp joined the list. For the past two
> summers I've been contributing to DARPA's Command Post of the Future
> project (now under the auspices of the IXO branch) with a company called
> VisualInsights / OculusInfo. I believe that for a while at least Cycorp
> was also involved in this project. Do you know Ward Page the PM? I met
> and talked with a few Cycorp employees (although I now forget who it was
> exactly) at one of the PI meetings in the Georgia area back in the
> summer 2000.

Cycorp's participation in the Darpa CPOF project winds down this
spring. We are constructing a Battle Monitor java application which
interfaces to Cyc. I have not met Ward Page, but others here work with
him routinely. I know those who you likely met at the PI meetings but
company policy prevents me from mentioning their names (without their
direct involvement).

I know the focus of CPOF was helping a battlespace commander deal with the
over abundance of information. What is the role of VisualInsights /
OculusInfo, what technologies do they contribute? I could get that
information from our CPOF project manager, but I believe the answer might
interest our readers.


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