RE: [JOIN] Stephen Reed

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Tue May 21 2002 - 19:19:42 MDT


It's one path we are considering pursuing.

Right now I personally have a lot more contacts in the biz world, but it's a
bad time for biz funding.

I do have good friends at Los Alamos and we may apply for some grants

> I would advise pursuing government funding, whether military, intelligence
> community, or completely non-military - we are doing all three plus
> commercial. You need not give up any equity, nor intellectual property
> rights. We employ one pacifist who chooses not to work on military
> projects. We do not perform classified work at the present.
> Here's one approach:
> Your team works hard on its own time to create a real demo of something
> of research interest that no one else can accomplish.

We already have that, in the domains of time series analysis and other
aspects of gene expression data analysis...

I think that the key to getting on the gov't gravy train, for starters, will
be to collaborate with someone who is already on it. After we've gotten
started that way, we will have more credibility in terms of getting funding
on our own.

I know the CEO of Teknowledge and we may collaborate on some grant proposals
for 2003. A Cyc collaboration could also be interesting, potentially.


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