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From: ben goertzel (
Date: Fri May 17 2002 - 11:15:38 MDT

Yes, but how many of the people you work with, who saw The Matrix, realize
it's reasonably likely that we're living in a simulation of some sort
*right now*. How many have begun to incorporate this idea into their view
of the world? To really incorporate this in your mind does make a
difference in how you live your life...

I'm not saying a Singularity mass market movie would be worthless. I'm
sure it would help raise awareness just as kurzweil's book will. But I
wouldn't be too optimistic about the consequences of simply bringing the
idea into the mass mind in such a way...


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Ben Goertzel writes:
"yeah right -- just like "The Matrix" sold the idea that our whole world
just be a simulation?"

There is a significant difference between THE MATRIX and THE SINGULARITY.
 There is no evidence for THE MATRIX. Still it's impact is huge. Everyone
I work with has heard of THE MATRIX and sees that it would be possible to
have simulated realities in the future, but no one has heard of the
SINGULARITY except from me, and none take it's possibility seriously.

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