Re: singularity arrival estimate...

From: Mike & Donna Deering (
Date: Fri May 17 2002 - 08:07:53 MDT

Ben Goertzel:
"As to why the Singularity is not better appreciated in mass society, that's
a whole other issue that I don't have time to chat about right now."

I have time.
As to why the Singularity is no better appreciated in mass society: the vast majority of the public gets it's information from TV and MOVIES. Until there is a prime time TV series or a blockbuster motion picture on the Singularity all this meme stuff on the internet is hopeless, as far as reaching the general populous. Our only hope is to reach some big media director with the idea. For that to happen it has to salable, interesting, dramatic. Eliezer, with all due respect to your CS discussions, what's going to sell the Singularity are stories.


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