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Date: Thu May 16 2002 - 11:43:48 MDT

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> There's a plan in the back of my head to novelize the arrival of
> Singularity, closely based on current ideas and concepts. If I do it
> this might help spread the meme to the average guy.

I'm definitely looking forward to that. There is *finally* thanks mostly to
Charles Stross - and a very few others - some shorter work dealing
explicitly with the singularity. But by all means bring it on. It is by no
means an overcrowded field.

I've often thought about writing fiction myself. I consider myself a fairly
good writer, and with practice perhaps I could write salable fiction. But I
don't want to deal with all the he said she said, he wore she wore and all
that fiction seems to require. I've never seen any other fiction written in
the style of Stapledon, who managed to get published while ignoring that
kind of minutiae. I wonder if he could get published today.

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