Wolfram review forthcoming

From: Emil Gilliam (emil@emilgilliam.com)
Date: Wed May 15 2002 - 11:08:37 MDT

Yesterday, Stephen Wolfram's book _A New Kind of Science_ was released.

I have my copy here. Given the enormous amount of hype over the book, and
interest on SL4, I will be reading it and posting a review. The book is long
and dense but I think I can determine within 2-4 weeks (and possibly
less) whether it lives up to any of its hype (and to Wolfram's ego). If it
does then this could have big implications for transhumanism. If it doesn't,
then, well, it'll be fun to pick it apart.

That having been said, it is certainly worth its purchase price of $39.95
just for the cool examples and pretty pictures. :>

                 - Emil Gilliam

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