RES<: Seeking limited-domain AI examples

From: Anand (
Date: Fri May 10 2002 - 10:00:15 MDT

I'm seeking reference suggestions on material that explores present-day and
future domains where computational systems (software/hardware) are
performing intelligent tasks. I'm using "systems" broadly (e.g., AI in, say,
gaming software). The material should provide examples of present or future
systems. Suggestions are being sought before going through dozens and dozens
of specific domain books, papers, websites et al. The following are
examples: Analysis (financial, investment, stock-market, medical,
educational, engineering), medical diagnosis and surgery, flight navigation,
"speech recognition," "pattern recognition," theorem-proving, genome and
protein sequencing, engineering and construction, algorithm creation,
knowledge acquisition, analogy-making, game playing, data mining, software
agents or bots et al.

Also, references are appreciated for material that explores real-world
examples of neural network and evolutionary-oriented systems.

This material is for a paper. The examples will be used as evidence for one
argumentative basis for one of the paper's theses.

Thanks in advance,


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