Baby you can drive my car.

From: Mike & Donna Deering (
Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 12:36:11 MDT

  I'm looking for a little bit of AI. Not a huge general intelligence that
can solve the problems of the world, just drive my car. We could hook up
some cameras facing all different directions to a laptop with the
appropriate D to A converters for all of the control functions of driving.
It only needs to be a better driver than I am, not perfect. Are we going to
have to wait for the Singularity before this is available? Ben, I think
there could be a significant market for this.

"Baby you can drive my car,
yes I'm gonna be a star,
baby you can drive my car,
and baby I love you.
Beep beep, beep beep, yeah."


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