individual differences in terms of cognitive style

From: Ben Houston (
Date: Sun May 05 2002 - 23:10:55 MDT

I agree with the initial point.... I think that people's internal
cognitive styles can different quite radically. Genetics play a role,
so does the demands that are placed upon one. I am just reading Greg
Egan's book "Quarantine" and he discusses things called "mods" which
sort of kick the brain into a different functional mode -- sort of like
a cognitive style. Anyways, the battery on this portable is about to go
thus I have to stop now.


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> Maybe so, but it does raise an interesting point.
> See, I've always been perplexed by something. Most people seem to
> and categorize concepts and thought-complexes(what most people
> into meme-plexes or paradigms) very very differently than I do.
> I was on the sidelines for this exchange wondering to myself what
> would make of the fact that I spend much of my life with a 'silent'
> There aren't any named concepts or thought streams running through my
> head.
> Just virtual-kinesthetic feelings. It's only when I switch on what I
> of as my analytic mind (or occasionally I turn on an internal narrator
> preciseness) that the inside of my head gets noisy.

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