Stross's post-Singularity novels

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Sat May 04 2002 - 01:00:36 MDT

< In a universe where the unseen but never unfelt force known as the
Eschaton maintains the laws of relativity and cause-and-effect with an iron
fist, the Festival comes to Rochard's World and changes it forever. The
Festival seeks only to entertain and be entertained: promises whatever you
want and has the power to deliver it, even to the poorest beggar on the
planet. Rochard's World belongs to the New Republic, a state governed
rigidly by hierarchy and tradition and ideology. The New Republic
despatches a war fleet to deal with the threat, never imagining what will
happen when ideologies and technologies from either side of a Vingean
singularity collide. >

It's loads of fun, and worth hunting for. Why isn't this published in the
USA by a major firm? I dunno, it must be that infallible Invisible Hand,
guided by the Blind & Stupid Eye.

Charlie's early but intermittently mind-bogglingly good novel SCRATCH
MONKEY can be read free on-line from

(but you'll need to email him for a password).

Damien Broderick

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