MITECS - available through Kazaa / Gnutella

From: Ben Houston (
Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 12:31:36 MDT

> I've started reading what Eli recommended in his interview, I hope to
> read MITECS within the next year, but I really think the

Just in case anyone cares I noticed that if you search for "cognitive
pdf" using either Kazaa/Grokster or Gnutella you'll get some hits for an
11MB pdf that seems to be the MIT Encyclopedia of Cognitive Sciences.
(I just tried it and found +5 copies of it on Kazaa.) BTW stealing is
bad. ;-)

> Which is more important, a human job making money in a human world
> buying human toys, or the Singularity?

Money is often useful and it in itself can help fund the efforts of
yourself or others towards the singularity. I've always preferred first
living comfortably and enjoying my time (for which money is often quite
useful) while having as a second priority a goal of doing neat things --
one of which is thinking about the areas related to the singularity.


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